We currently sell our oil through the Flatlands Club, as well as a limited number of retailers and CSAs. For more information on these options, or if you're a retail shop or CSA interested in offering Flatlands Oil to your customers, please contact us and we will respond promptly.


Go to our Subscribe page - and don't hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns, and ideas.


Bottles can be picked up at our 'home office' in Oakland any time of year, can be brought to club distributions, and can be shipped for orders of 4 or more. Club members can purchase bottles on anytime (with a discount).

Availability of bottles for out-of-club sales varies. Check the item listing or contact us to learn which varietals and blends we currently have for sale. We hold special sales events (often in December & July) with special discounts and products.

If you would like to purchase something but don’t see a listing, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. We can often do 100ml bottles (great for gifts) even when not listed, and sometimes have a few extra bottles of additional varieties around that are not listed.


Oil is freshest, best tasting and healthiest when it is stored away from heat, light and oxygen. By distributing our oil to you in increments throughout the year, it enables us to bottle it at the last minute, thereby storing it for as long as possible in our temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.

Club members receive a distribution of 2 or more 500 ml bottles four times a year. Members also have the opportunity to buy additional bottles (in 500ml or 100ml sizes) anytime at the discounted club rate.

Club members will receive olio nuovo, two or three blends, two or three single varietals and a flavored oil,  enabling you to sample the best that our diverse olive grove has to offer.

Example shipments for a California Family Membership (actual varieties will vary):

  • Dec: Olio Nuovo (2)

  • Jan: Frantoio (2) & Harvest Blend (2)

  • Apr: Tuscan Blend (3), Moriolo (2)

  • July: Lemon (2), Grove Blend (3)

pick up

Oil pick-up will dates vary somewhat but will be confirmed a month in advance. Generally, you can expect them in December, mid-winter, spring and mid-summer. We will email Club members with pick-up locations and times a few weeks before distribution date. Arrangements for alternative pick-up or delivery can always we made if something comes up.


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