November 2018

Thanksgiving in the Bay Area and Central Valley brought something to be very thankful for: rain! The rain pushed out the smoke that was keeping everyone indoors and soaked into the long-waiting soil.

September 2018

Labor day has come and gone. Sandals are  pushed to the back of the closet and work boots are coming out. Fall is here and we’re gearing up for harvest. Read below for info on bulk oil for soap, conditions on the ground, and more.

May 2018

It’s been a while since our last newsletter and the big news around the farm is the arrival of our new baby girl, Tanager, born on March 31 - a blue moon. She is big, healthy and wonderful and mom is really looking forward to getting back out into the grove with a bigger crew in tow.

November 2017

A nip is in the air and some rain to usher us into winter. Here at Flatlands, we are looking forward to it more than you know. Harvest is officially in full swing, which means chilly mornings in the grove with poles and nets to gather fruit for milling. This year, we began with Leccino, the first of the olives to experience “veraison” - or the slow change in color from green to purple and eventually to black.

August 2017

As the summer shadows lengthen and tomatoes ripen on the vine, there are lots of exciting goings on around the farm. Perhaps due to the olive trees' tendency to alternate bare (a heavy year followed by a light one), or to the giant dose of winter rain, our trees are loaded with fruit. Given their Mediterranean origins, the trees take a siesta this time of year while the fruit slowly sizes up. This is also the time for stocking up on summer blends and our Mission Lemon oil before its all gone.