Winter specials; Smoke finally clearing

Belated Happy Thanksgiving from the Flatlands family,

Thanksgiving in the Bay Area and Central Valley brought something to be very thankful for: rain! The rain pushed out the smoke that was keeping everyone indoors and soaked into the long-waiting soil.

oil taster 1.jpg

Our Oils

Olio Nuovo. Harvest has begun and this year’s Olio Nuovo - our first milling of Leccino olives - is in the tank. Fresh, green, and peppery, with less bitterness than some years. One run exhausted the entire Leccino row this year, so the supply is very limited. If you’d like a bottle, visit the website to purchase, or contact us for local pickup. (Members will be receiving Nuovo with the December distribution).

holiday special 1.png

Holiday Special

Perfect for winter gatherings and gift giving, we have a special gift set ready for you. 2 small (100ml) bottles - 2018 Yuzu-Mission and Moraiolo - packaged in a natural cotton drawstring bag with a Flatlands Oil & Mill tag. $12 on our website.

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On the Farm

Smoke from the tragic Camp Fire around Paradise, CA, suffocated the Central Valley and Bay Area for a week, closing schools and giving San Francisco the dubious honor of having the world’s worst air quality. The grove was in the thick of it. We skipped a harvest weekend, but the trees and oils were otherwise unharmed, with Thanksgiving rain rinsing away any residual soot. Our hearts go out to friends (and farmers) still dealing with aftermath of yet another California fire season.

The harvest continues otherwise. Leccino, Frantoio and Taggiasca are all down from the trees. There is limited fruit, but strong oil content has made up a little ground. The oil is balanced, with lower bitterness overall than some years, and slightly riper, softer oil, but strong pungency throughout.

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From the Kitchen

These days, citrus, cabbage, jicama and pomegranate salad has provided a fine canvas for our last drips of Yuzu-Mission. And we’re glad to be back into roasted vegetable season: we like to coat veggies with good oil for the roast (it makes a difference!) and add a light dressing afterward, especially with squash, sweet onions, and salty potatoes. In the coming week, we’re eager to try a parmesan cracker recipe using our Olio Nuovo. So much to eat, so little time. Send us your favorite recipes and uses!

(photo above) Olive oil goes on, not just in, the mouth. Susan spent a day with Diane Madison of Yolo Press, learning how to produce olive oil lip balm. Members - look out for an upcoming sample!

For a quick window into the life of the Flatlands Harvest team, here is a short video.

With appreciation,

Susan, Colin, Cypress and Tanager